Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Embracing the Future with the Past

To be wrapped in an embrace that is so unconsciously confident that it feels as if you are holding onto your own skin, with someone who has the freedom to be on their own, yet come together in an embrace of total fusion....this is love. And so, the loves of one's life can come together in a confluence that ties one's past to one's future. Such a day presented itself as I witnessed the merging of my fashion past with my world of today.

The rains poured over New York yesterday as I made my way to the Parsons Senior Thesis Show at the Chelsea Piers with fellow instructor Steven Broadway. Former students were making their foray into fashion's eye with divine designs that they have been crafting for an entire semester. Under the watchful looks of the top professionals that make up the Parsons faculty, unique and forward thinking creations, that defied gravity and percolated new design directions, were paraded down the runway. Wedged among these colleagues, on a mission of excellence, I sat with pride as I saw their efforts carried out with aplomb. Simon Collins, the dean of the department, gave his praises to all who had help shape the fashion talents of the future. The ever-beautiful Susanna Moyer was there with her son Christian, as was Steven Faerm, the BFA fashion director, who rallies his team to ever-greater success each year. Max Wilson, designer extraordinaire, who later had lunch with me and Shawna McGee, another designer that shared our Cass Tech and Parsons alumni status, was pleased with the work he had done with his students. Richard Rosenfeld, Francesca Sammartino, Riet Peters, Kathie Maggio and many more, all agreed that the efforts of these high quality students made it all worthwhile.

As the rains wore on into the evening, I waltzed into the Chelsea Museum for the annual Live Out Loud LGBT fundraiser, which was founded by my dear friend Leo Preziosi. Pleased to have his parents there on a night that saw the greatest turnout of guests ever, he greeted all, along with his sparkling co-host Alan Cummings. Coordinating the mass of people was Hector Rojas, at once efficient and effervescent, with the help of his partner Steven, who had managed the extensive silent auction options. I was immediately made to feel at home by the presence of our dear friends Genita Ingram, John Rivers, Bruce Sloane, David Chin and Enrique Mago. The place was filled with beautiful people of every description, that tantalized one's eyes and probably set into motion a few new romances.

Into this bevy of beauties, my fashion past appeared in the lovely visions of Alva Chinn and Pat Cleveland, with Stephan Burrows and Elsa Perretti in tow. The fashion heyday of the 70's roared into view as I dreamed of bright colors, lettuce hems and youthful abandon, dancing the night away. Though more tranquil in demeanor they stylistically set off the energy of the room in a way that celebrated beauty always does.

Elated by the presence of so much positive energy during the day Joe and I made our way back to the Hudson Valley, enfolded in our joy and ready for an embrace.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Moment of Reflection

WE are always in a state of transition, whether we are approaching a change, in a change or coming to terms with a change. Below is a poem written by my friend Micki Stickford in a moment of reflection.

you know........sometimes....i am a bit..amazed...at the thought of being only a few years from 60 .....like where did the time go????.....and what have i done....and what am i doing...what am i going to do .....there is a vulnerability ...i feel ..i think....it's something i've really just become aware of internally ....and it has created an inner sensitivity ....that i really can't explain .....only to say..it makes me more and more thankful..for the process i'm in ...the process of becoming more aware..and kinder.......for if i do nothing else.....let me do that ...........i haven't really voiced it until now.....but it is definitely a part of me now....my consciousness.....time really does fly.....so enjoy the ride....it's important....for some reason..these are words i feel compelled to share .............love the life you live.......