Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There are those people...

There are those people who will come out and support you because of who they are to you and more importantly, who you are to them. Those cheerleaders that have your back whenever you need it because they realize that whatever success you have is their own, as well. There are those whose own dreams include the hopes they have for you, knowing they are one and the same. Your happiness is something they share with you, just as surely as they share your pain. When possible they act to further the former and soothe the later.

There are those whose way of showing their love is to be there when you call, whether they can be there physically or not, but are there, in such a spiritually supportive way, that you can feel their presence as if they were. Many of these people came out last night to support not only me but all the other artists in the African Modern Art Show. That included Mago, PJ Cobbs and the Bangally African Expo. We gathered last night at the Casa Frela Gallery for the annual fundraiser for Project Enterprise, the Harlem based funding source for under-resourced communities throughout the five boroughs.

The supportive crowd enjoyed the company of the artists and one another over drinks and refreshments to the melodious strings of the Kora played beautifully all evening as pictured below. The showing will be up until May 22nd at Casa Frela Gallery at 47 West 119th St. Please stop by when possible to see the exhibition.