Monday, August 19, 2013

Blessings abound

Oftentimes when something as wonderful as the opening night of my annual art show on the Vineyard occurs, I would quickly say, "I am lucky." However, my dear friend, Regina Darby, would correct me and say, "You are blessed." It took me a moment to see the distinction she had been trying to make for me. To be lucky is to fall upon a happenstance whose re-occurrence would be unlikely, at best. To be blessed is to have conferring positive energy pervade your life. The latter was in evidence in the many smiles, hugs, kisses and well wishes and acquisitions, that filled the gallery on Saturday night. Friends can from near and far to be there, whether on vacation or for the night. The admiration for the new work propels me to take up the new direction with gusto, and so I can feel the paint brushes calling me even now. Below is some of the blessings that showed up at the opening.
Curlee Holton and familyHarold Becks and friendBrenda, Nick, Fred, Dick