Friday, July 29, 2011

Today is my birthday (7/29)

Today is my birthday. (7/29) As a child looking forward to that day each year when things were set aside to celebrate ME, I grew to associate those numbers with everything good, and because it wasn’t a national holiday and unlike being a twin, I didn’t have to share the date, either. Since then a countdown begins the week before, with a subtle excitement that builds toward the day, that still hasn’t left me. I rarely have parties any longer but the celebrations continue with wonderful well wishes and greetings from friends and family. The desire to make it special with little kindnesses is deeply ingrained, though the impulse to take the day off, travel to far off destinations or buy absurdly expensive gifts for myself are indulgences I've outgrown.

That one day of the year that we hold special and is ours for no other reason than we were born on it, is an amalgamation of numbers that we unwittingly possess throughout the year, and, consciously or not, we are reminded of on calendars, clocks, room numbers, license plates, promotions, receipts, phone numbers and addresses. Those two to four numeric combinations trigger a response that attaches the time, place or thing to us in a deeply memorable way, as if that thing is part of us too. How often have we committed to memory a cell number or address because it’s composed of our birth dates? A locker combination, password or email address is often infused with that combination that spells out who we are, just as much as our names.

In the study of numerology, the vibrations of numeric compositions cast a fate and quality of life that perpetually repeats itself throughout. Life paths numbers (the adding up of your birth date and reduced to a single digit) and significant figures often correspond with uncanny recurrences in our lives. My own life path is a 6 and it symbolizes things and relationships that increase in value. These symbols are affixed to us in a guiding and protective way that assists us in making choices. Their vibration, like our voice, is unique and stands as a distinguishing element of our individual existence. However, we can all relate to others who share our special dates, like some type of cosmic twin, always with the hope that they exemplify the qualities we like to see in ourselves.

Everyone’s birthday is a cause for celebration, whether they want to admit it or not, and we honor them and ourselves when we do so.

Rose Dawn 36" x 36" oil on canvas

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dabs of turquoise...

Five in the morning finds me dabbing strokes of turquoise across a large canvas of a woman at peace with the sea. The early morning of quiet reflection is induced by the songs of birds awakening to a new day and the early light filtering in through a window over my shoulder. The woman breathes before me in tandem with the swirl of aquatic movement that suggest summer on the Vineyard. More and more my mind turns toward the moment I will be there among nature, friends and family sharing new memories to come.

As I look about at the paintings that have been created this year I see moments shared in each, like notes of time marking what we have been through together, and like friends I want to hold them closer. The strokes that work and didn't work, the colors that fit and didn't fit, conspire in the unknowable dance of opportunity within each dab of color. Like everything in life, it is not knowing that gives it the spark of excitement, that spurs us on to another day.

As this early morning brightens into this day I look forward to what I don't know about the next dab of turquoise.

Below is a mention of the show in the latest issue of Art Collector magazine.