Thursday, June 23, 2011

Giving and Receiving

The cooler mornings that give way to warmer afternoons followed by cool evenings are a welcome relief this week as I spend it in the Hudson Valley away from my classes in the city. The summer session was one of the most exciting times I ever had. The energy from working with such eager students has infused my own painting projects for my show. The desire to be better is all an instructor needs, to have them give the world to a student, and it is all I needed to take my efforts to the next level. The next few days are filled with painting watercolors, oils and gardening before I begin a new summer session next Monday.

As I prepare for the show opening on August 20th at Cousen Rose Gallery, I am mindful of the many friends I have that has helped me get here today. I am currently writing a book that bring many of you who are reading this into my heartfelt memories. Some of you have turned the wheels of my life into the direction I now flow. A word or gesture is all it takes sometimes to aid a person's journey. Sometimes much more, like letting someone move in with you, paying for a college course or liking their love interest, which may seem small to the person giving it, but can make the difference in whether someone chooses to survive or not. We have all given and we have all received. Take a moment to remember those that gave and asked for nothing in return.

As my students from all over the world departed this past week, I was thankful for the rich cultural experience they gave me without even knowing it. In a classroom setting, who is the teacher and who is the student, is always the question of the moment.