Monday, August 17, 2009

A turn to the future

The magic of Martha's Vineyard melted away on this sunny day as we left the island by the ferry and was engulfed in a heavy and unexpected fog. The eerie change from the bright crisp day, that opened the morning on the Vineyard, folded into the dense visual fog which sent a chill up my back and felt like a Twilight Zone moment. Suddenly unsure of where or whether we would emerge from it seemed to cross the minds of all the passengers.

The symbolism of the halcyon summer days fallen behind us was not lost on us, as we emerged into the light of a
new segment of our life in the Hudson Valley. Fond memories mixed with goals for the we formulated the next steps ahead in our lives.

A desire to start work on a couple of art books that capture my life in the field of art and one that compiles these blog posts into a single volume, has taken hold of me. Even my next series of paintings are beginning to take shape in my mind. The essence of culture is oftentimes carried on by women who pass on traditions in everyday activities. Some of these incredible woman have allowed me to see them in the elements of the island that provides reflection and solace to them. Their sense of being will be a part of my creative expression as I go forward.

The experience of this summer will also inform what I will share with my new students, at Parsons and Marist, with a perspective on perseverance and forbearance, being the essence of achievement. Learning the hard way....there is no easy way to a goal worth achieving.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun and ease

The flow of support came streaming in from every quarter of the island last night. Friends, family, associates, acquaintances, collectors and strangers combined to create an atmosphere of sweet harmony and success for us all. Some had come a tremendous distance, from Chicago and California to Atlanta and Singapore, in a gesture of support, that only they knew what trials it took, to accomplish their being there. The mood was "happy" and "generous" in spirit, and one we all needed that night.

As they say, folks were there "representing" themselves and loved ones who were unable to make it for whatever reason. Some who wanted to attend were unable to come but their spirit of support filled the spaces and added smiles to all faces. There were many new friends, who were only met in the space of this week, bringing well wishes and appreciations, alongside the ardent supporters who have held us in their prayers for many years. Adding to the mix were people who came for the first time, whether by an invitation or by curiosity, who soon felt the energy that held us together. To all of them, I say "Thank you".

As I assembled the paintings for the exhibition, I knew I would be saying goodbye to some of them, for the last time, as they'd venture forth to new homes.They were gathered up slowly at first and then a sudden flurry of acquisitions left me seeing red dots where the paintings once hung. The gracious gallery owner, Zita Cousen, and her team attended the needs of the collectors with aplomb and assurance in a very committed way.

For many, the evening was enhanced by the fun and ease that my life partner, Joe Steele, brought to the event. He welcomed many of our dear friends, "family" and colleagues, in his inimitable way, that brought joy to their hearts and smiles to their faces. A very few of which are presented here by quick photos he took of them.