Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Night To Remember

By the time I walked into Cousen Rose Gallery last night for the opening of my showing, with Crystal, Joe and Genita, I was already on an emotional and spiritual high. The well wishes that had been sent to me from you over the preceding days, hours and minutes had me elated and feeling that anything that happened from that point on would already be successful. The Boston Globe highlight of the day was followed by news that Governor Deval Patrick had stopped in to see the show before going onto his much touted fundraiser that same evening. Many of the participants from that event arrived later at the show, beautifully attired and looking gorgeous. There were many loved ones and supporters, that come each year, wishing the best and quietly building art collections of their own.

Zita Cousens, in royal blue, glided amongst the crowd she assembled with tremendous grace and ease. Jackie Orridge, the radiantly beautiful mother of my dear friends, Valerie Preston and Richard Orridge, and aunt of our New York Governor, was there, a trooper, barring any encumbrances she had to deal with to do so. I met the noted author, Stephan Carter, whose many works I have collected and was just discussing with Chuku Lee the day before. Amy Goldson and her daughters, Aerin and Ava, were there with Amy's mother, one looking more beautiful than the next. Many people were drawn to the painting of her, and that of Patricia Hayling Price, as they are both noted perennials to the Vineyard.

Flying in that day from a five week sojourn in Europe were our guests, Dr. Crystal Silas, of CA, with her son, Charles, to partake in the beauty of the Vineyard for the first time. A long time friend of ours from the Vineyard, DC and Brazil is Dr. K. Ezeze, who was there also, in advance of the launch of his new book, Dream College, this September. There were too many wonderful people there last night to mention in this limited space so included below are a few photos of those smiling faces and loving supporters that you may know.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The President arrives on island

I think that was President Obama's plane that just flew overhead, as our house rumbled in the wake of the huge plane's low descent onto the nearby airport runway. Everyone is all a twitter with thoughts of the first family's return visit to this small island. The political, wealthy, socially prominent and regular folks, like me, have descended on the Vineyard for the remaining days of summer to bask in quiet solitude accentuated by media glare.

Since my first night on island we spoke of the President's second coming to the Vineyard over a delectable dinner celebrating the birthday of my dear friend, Christine Cummings, whose words of wisdom were, "The older you get the easier it gets because you don't have to worry about stuff". Arrayed in her daughter and son-in-law, Linda and Hassan Minor's new home in Edgartown, were their equally beautiful and accomplished daughters, Keija and Kali, and the esteemed Philip Clay and his wife Sandy. Of course, my entry to this divine evening was through many years of friendship with Pat Cummings (a college buddy) and her husband, H.Chuku Lee.

Last night Martha's Vineyard had it's annual Illumination Night event, where the campground residents lit their homes with colorful lanterns and thousands of visitors sang in unison choruses of our national pride. I, like everyone else, loudly sang along, with words that have been stored in my memory since childhood. The unabashed melodic patriotism sprung from our lips and was on display for our visiting house mates from London, Jennifer and Sharon Thompson, who were more prepared to sing, "God Save the Queen". Valerie Cooper, of Stamford, CT, had again assembled a coterie of friends from near and wide to partake in the summer festivities of the Vineyard. Judy and Wesly Mayo 's campground abode was filled with it's annual illuminated guests that enjoyed the delicious fare and warm comraderie.

Barbara and Peter, from Westport, CT and Maine, are doing their annual pilgrimage here, which will include attending a fundraiser for Deval Patrick with the oft noted speculation that our dear president will be in attendance also.

This special event occurs just hours before my own opening here at Cousen Rose Gallery, 7pm this Saturday, August 21st. Many will attend both. Please alert your friends that may be on island this week to stop by for a visit, by forwarding this blog or this invite.