Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drawing on Style

Two drawings, I had done when very young, seemed to rise up last night—in unison with some of the greatest fashion artists of that time, at the he highly celebrated exhibition, “Drawing On Style” in London—to illuminate the story of a time of grace, elegance and unfathomable skill in the world of fashion.  The overwhelming crush of admirers, fashionistas and collectors filled the space to capture a moment in time when the deftness of a line told immeasurable stories of style, movement and panache.  The elbow-to-elbow crowd, assembled beneath these testaments of fashion creativity to revere the dynamic yet subtle art of fashion illustration.  Having participated in such exhibitions in the U.S. before, I’d not seen a media frenzy of this magnitude preceding a show.

My works, prominently displayed in the line up of illustrations in the main room, could be seen from outside the front window as we arrived. The glitterati in attendance included British fashion icons Zandra Rhodes and Bruce Oldfield, both of whom I encountered on my very first visit to London in the 70’s.

Also in the mix were several of the great artists from the 40’s through the 70’s, there to see the work and meet the hands that influenced our own work so many years ago. Stories of professional encounters, rhapsodies of stylistic nuances and finely detailed awareness of what it took to achieve these master works were shared lusciously by this select breed of artist.

If the current appreciation for this collection of vintage fashion drawings is any indication, the future holds a bright light for this unique expression of beauty.