Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surge of Support

Last week's blizzard swept over New York in rolling waves of wind and snow and brought the city of perpetual motion to a temporary standstill. Yet New Yorkers cannot be contained by weather glitches for long and in the midst of it all activities abounded and people were there. To our pleasant surprise the opening of the African and Modern Art Show at the Casa Frela Gallery on 119th Street, saw people trudge through troughs of slush and high banks of snow to attend it, carrying chilled faces and warm smiles. They flowed in throughout the evening with waves of support that has come to characterize the way many of our friends show their love. Those that were there and those that weren't all contributed to that New York network of love we feel embraced in. There were many there that spanned our lives from different places and many new ones who are now enfolded into the tapestry.

Project Enterprise
, of which Genita Ingram is a founding member and curator of the show, was well represented by supporters new and old to the delight of the director, Mel Washington. The incoming proceeds will now be used to empower more new businesses in the New York area.

The good wishes were shared from friends and collectors of the artists, too. PJ Cobbs had her wonderful artistry on silk on display with many admiring onlookers. Enrique "Mago" Martinez, and his bold abstracts held sway over many admirers as well. My own work was appreciated by those who knew it well, by those who have only heard of it and those who knew nothing of it. For all of us it was a step forward, because the broad exposure has an exponential impact on our reputations and future success. Some of those weather braving exponents are pictured below.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spring In My Step

As I climb the steep hill that leads me to where my car is parked, my face is encased in a icy mask that feels like an astringent that I hadn't asked for. I breathe in a fiery mix of cold air and exhaustion that burns my throat as it passes into lungs that no more want the winter cold than I do. I press one foot in front of the other and conjure up the thought of spring like an oasis that is only a few steps away. For a moment the iced over pavement gives way to the sight of warm grounds with fresh green grass and the sound of birds having returned from their winter retreats. There is warmth on my face from a sun that appears to enjoy its work again and the scent of flowers that only blossom when temperate happiness is in the air. For that moment I am infused with the will to continue forth in the frigid chill of this morning, knowing that spring lies on the other side of it.

The change of the seasons pulls us forward from one state of mind to the other like clockwork, to bigger and better things. Though I, like many of you, cannot wait for the end of winter - we are at least past the interminable January - I have found it to be my most productive time creatively. The distractions of warm weather do not intrude on the chilly solitude that gives me nothing but time to create. I am working on several new paintings that shine of warmer places and attitudes and takes me away to times spent with many of you. In many ways this harshness of winter is a friend that spurs me on and keeps me going to the next spring.

For those of you who will stop by for the African and Modern Art Show at the Casa Frela Gallery, 47 West 119th Street, this Thursday, February 11th, where I will have several paintings, dress warmly and bring your spring smiles.