Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Storms Roll In but a Brighter Day is Ahead

It seems that a lot on storms has descended upon the shores of the US in recent days. The destruction they bring with them are yet to be assessed but can be fathomed by the obsessive attention directed at them by the media. None seem to be more unfathomable than the storm of political distraction called Sarah Palin. The media has decided that focusing on "who she is" is more important than focusing on the issues that confront our country and the basic differences in how to contend with them from the two national candidates. One has the message of hope for the power of government to enhance the lives of the many, in the world, and the other is looking for another "feather in his cap".

Many of you have already made up your minds regarding who you plan to vote for in November, so subjecting yourself to the media onslaught is an unnecessary and profoundly debilitating experience. We have to keep in mind that our true power is in our belief in a political change and our faith that it will come to pass. Allowing these distractions to undermine our sense of the positive inevitable outcome could potentially produce unwanted results. As a advocate for the hope and change that is the hallmark of the Obama campaign, I will not let self inflicted fear deter me from the focus of renewal in this country. The days of setting on the sidelines and letting others carry the water for change are a luxury of bygone times. Each of us must pickup the pail of commitment in some form or another. Whether it is hosting events, making phone calls or travel to voters in swing states, calling apathetic relatives, talking in conservative or liberal chat rooms, voter registration or joining local political groups, we can lend a hand for change.

Though I have sent these photos to many of you already, it is worth reviewing and passing on. They spell out our charge and what we are working for. It is not the intent of this blog to make political statements but I felt moved to reach out to the many of you who are focused, assertive, successful people in your own realms of influence.


Anonymous said...

It is such a pleasure to be able to relax and read your blog. It takes me verbally and visually on a wonderful journey!
Sorry I missed you on MV this year. Looks like the show was a great success and your work is more exciting and beautiful than ever.
Is it my imagination or are you and Joe looking younger????

Please check in on your next visit to the Nati

Best of Everything,

Annette Smith Tarver

alstong said...

Glenn,I always love you posts and it is good to get away from the madness in the world ! I'm so envious that you have that opportunity over us who bear with the hustle and bustle of the city life. There has to be a balance wehre we find inner peace.

Talk to you soon!

alstong said...

Glenn, I'm so envious that it's pretty easy for you to delve into the beauty of nature to escape the madness of this world and today's crisis. although so many of us have opted to embrace teh hustle and bustle of the city , we do have the choice of seeking some peace by going within seeking spiritual guidance
Anyway I love your post and it gives me inspiration. Tlak to you soon!