Monday, August 17, 2009

A turn to the future

The magic of Martha's Vineyard melted away on this sunny day as we left the island by the ferry and was engulfed in a heavy and unexpected fog. The eerie change from the bright crisp day, that opened the morning on the Vineyard, folded into the dense visual fog which sent a chill up my back and felt like a Twilight Zone moment. Suddenly unsure of where or whether we would emerge from it seemed to cross the minds of all the passengers.

The symbolism of the halcyon summer days fallen behind us was not lost on us, as we emerged into the light of a
new segment of our life in the Hudson Valley. Fond memories mixed with goals for the we formulated the next steps ahead in our lives.

A desire to start work on a couple of art books that capture my life in the field of art and one that compiles these blog posts into a single volume, has taken hold of me. Even my next series of paintings are beginning to take shape in my mind. The essence of culture is oftentimes carried on by women who pass on traditions in everyday activities. Some of these incredible woman have allowed me to see them in the elements of the island that provides reflection and solace to them. Their sense of being will be a part of my creative expression as I go forward.

The experience of this summer will also inform what I will share with my new students, at Parsons and Marist, with a perspective on perseverance and forbearance, being the essence of achievement. Learning the hard way....there is no easy way to a goal worth achieving.


Anonymous said...

Yes, your creative writing skills are vivid and the world is waiting for your artistic expression of letters and words to accompany your art. Focus on making your words materialize into a book and the thought will manifest.

Best Wishes!


pc said...

Here! here! my brother!
I am deeelighted to know that youse guys survived the fog. And even more thrilled to know that the students will benefit from you toiling in the vineyard. Why when i think of all the lobster you had to eat, the beaches you had to bake on and the Murdick's you had to pack away I am truly touched by your dedication. (Love the blog book/art book idea).

KJ said...

AAAAHHHH, tomorrow at the crack of dawn my sweet and I set out on our journey to the self same isle. We will miss your presence, but hope to see you soon in this fare and verdant valley, perhaps when the verdance changes to shades of crimson and gold. Looking forward to it, Best- KJ

Jelanie said...

Baaaaaaaaby, this is a line worth repeating.
"there is no easy way to a goal worth achieving."
Glad you and Joe made it through the fog. If you all come out this way today, stop by and see us.

BD said...

How are you? I spoke with Joe earlier, I just wanted to make sure you guys arrived back safely and hope you still have the MV glow. I sent a friend your blog and she loved your work and asked about the price points, so I told her. Joe also relayed that your work sold very well, I’m so happy!

Your agent with love,

Terrance said...

congratulations! i could see some of the pieces in group photos of you, joe and your fiends/collectors and may be your family. you and joe look so handsome. please give joe my regards. i'll be in touch.

Ren said...

Love me some Tunstull dashings!!! How are you sir? Hope all is well!