Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surge of Support

Last week's blizzard swept over New York in rolling waves of wind and snow and brought the city of perpetual motion to a temporary standstill. Yet New Yorkers cannot be contained by weather glitches for long and in the midst of it all activities abounded and people were there. To our pleasant surprise the opening of the African and Modern Art Show at the Casa Frela Gallery on 119th Street, saw people trudge through troughs of slush and high banks of snow to attend it, carrying chilled faces and warm smiles. They flowed in throughout the evening with waves of support that has come to characterize the way many of our friends show their love. Those that were there and those that weren't all contributed to that New York network of love we feel embraced in. There were many there that spanned our lives from different places and many new ones who are now enfolded into the tapestry.

Project Enterprise
, of which Genita Ingram is a founding member and curator of the show, was well represented by supporters new and old to the delight of the director, Mel Washington. The incoming proceeds will now be used to empower more new businesses in the New York area.

The good wishes were shared from friends and collectors of the artists, too. PJ Cobbs had her wonderful artistry on silk on display with many admiring onlookers. Enrique "Mago" Martinez, and his bold abstracts held sway over many admirers as well. My own work was appreciated by those who knew it well, by those who have only heard of it and those who knew nothing of it. For all of us it was a step forward, because the broad exposure has an exponential impact on our reputations and future success. Some of those weather braving exponents are pictured below.


Austin said...

Hey Glenn,

I would like to thank you for having me to you show last night. I'm glad you were able to meet Liz, and we all were able to catch up. As I told Joe, she absolutely adores the both of you (how could she not), and is glad y'all are in my life.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Emily said...

Briana, Chamiso and I had such a wonderful time tonight!! The girls remarked on how friendly everyone was, and of course Brina kept saying how much she loves both of you.

Anonymous said...

Howard and I were sorry to miss your opening, we had to go to East Hampton to meet some service people at our house. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of all the smiling supporters there, and would have preferred to be among them. Hope to see you soon, Jeff.

Pamela said...

I love seeing the snow at my place. Do you have more pictures??

So glad to hear about the support for the show. Hugs and love, Pamela

Jelanie said...

"Although I missed the show, It feels like I was there. Congrats on a great

Richard said...

GLENN =THANKS for all the wonderful photos,what a crowd!
See you Wednesday_______________

Patti said...

"Glen, so sorry we missed it, but heard from PJ that it was a huge success!! so
deserved. "

Darren said...

Dear Glenn. I see that 2010 is going wonderful for you. Congratulations on the fantastic show, and I am sorry that I was unable to attend. However, I must thank you for inviting me. I am back in Europe, (Amsterdam), and I will be returning to NYC in March. I've been here for quite sometime and I must come back to America. I hope to see you and more of your work soon. I wish you much continued success. All the best. Darren.

John said...

Hello Glenn,

I am glad that you had a nice turn out at the event last week. The pictures look great. Thanks for shairing. Ciao

John Treadwell

Tymm said...

What a great night for great artist continued success Glenn! I hope to be in town next time for this. I'm in Vegas now thawing and preparing to get things together to make this a part time home. Hope you two are OK in all this snow! I know it must be beautiful from your photo. I'm sure you are happy to have the Salvador visit to get thru this winter! I know I'm glad I went to Rio, only for five short days! Hope we can connect soon.
All Smiles!