Monday, March 22, 2010

Feasting on Heathcare Reform

Duck a L'Orange with braised carrots, sauteed string beans and mashed sweet potatoes, that I had prepared, was served as we watch Congress dine on sweeping health care reform last night during Joe Steele's birthday party for two. It was a beautiful day as we had awakened late yesterday morning from a late night of partying in Manhattan, with Reggie Van Lee and his partner Corey, where friends from New York, DC, Chicago, Rome, Brazil and other corners of the world cavorted in high spirits in celebration of Corey's B-Day and the surprise timing of the legislation that Reggie worked so diligently on. I reconnected with Nadia Fattah, who spoke of her global destinations and Susan Taylor who looked beautiful and energized by her project to find mentors for under served Black youth and other people equally delighted to be there. Norma Jean Darden and I reminisced about our fashion days together too, while dining on her delicious fare. Though it wasn't Joe's party he celebrated like it was, because he loves a good time with great people.

And better people we could not have enjoyed than Walter Allen and Brian Leister who took us to brunch with Julia Hotten the next day at the charming Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck, the oldest hotel in America for Joe's birthday. The conversation was fast and witty and full of excitement about the pending vote that could provide opportunity denied for so many. The tasty brunch was served up with the delight of finding myself on the cover of the local newspaper that morning, The Register Star, in anticipation of an artist's talk I'll be giving at the Claverack Library on Sunday March 28th. Feeling fit and full of fun we settled in alone for the evening, preparing the dinner that satiated our taste buds, and monitored the wrangling of legislation that will change our lives. Joe and I have always been political junkies and we reached another highlight on his birthday. What a day!


Mitch said...

Glenn, thank you, and please extend to Joe from Mikki and me a hearty Happy Birthday greeting.

We are elated about the historic health reform event that took place last night. We as a country moved into the ranks of more civilized countrys around the world that value humanity. I am very happy for America. And happy for our president for being focused and steadfast in his determination to bring the country out ignorance and into the light. His presidency and health care reform will go down in our country's history as major humanizing events. I'm beaming with pride on many levels today.

All the best,
Mitch Davie
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Evonne said...


This is soooooo exciting and hopeful. It's a great time to be alive.
"Happy Birthday", Joe. We missed your NYC event when we were spending time in St.Maarten, St.Barts, and Anquilla. Thanks for sharing your latest creation, which I thoroughly appreciate. I hope to see the two of you soon. Until then, enjoy life.
Peace, Love and Blessings,
Evonne Jennings Tolbert

Carson said...

....Happy Birthday JoJo,and as for the health care legislation,to God be the glory!

Deb said...

Sweet, thanks for sharing!! I sure hope I get to see you in person on Sunday!! Best wishes,

Jill said...

Yum! And Happy Birthday to Joe!

Bill said...

You go boy. Wow!! On the cover. Looking forward to see you two soon.

Brenda said...

Good article.

Good Luck with the talk.



Vernon said...

Great Day Glenn. This is big.

Happy Birthday Joe.


L&D said...

Hi Guys:
A belated happy birthday to Joe and cheers for the passing of the health bill. We're so happy for Obama.
Be well, and happy spring.

alva said...

Hi Glenn,
Great article, so informative...I learned a few things! I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it, I' ll give you a shoot out if I can. My love and birthday wishes to Joe.

Tymm said...

Luv that menu.....I´m sure that the evening didn´t stop there....;-) I´m Buenos Aires preparing to head back to NY hope to share a bottle of bubbly with you two! I have been on the road more then anywhere else.. but here is nice! talk soon.

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday , Joe........did ya get my ecard..............Dinner sounds wonderful Glenn.........I love duck.........the best to both of you. Alright health care reform.......step one.........................

DD said...

And I just had a fiber bar. I feel like such a pauper after reading that menu. It will be my excuse for upgrading tonight's dinner.

Sounds like a memorable evening. I hope that we make the absolute most of the violent and classless reactions displayed by many members of the opposition.

I hope that Joe received my card in time.

As for your painting . . . I literally felt music watching your clouds dance and sway. I felt beats and a brief but stirring rhythm that made me want to see them come to life to the sound of some primitive, moving song. African music comes to mind. It's hard to express how it makes me feel and this is the best I can do right now. This is what art is supposed to do to us, Glenn -- make us feel. It's why I love it.

That is such a unforgettable picture. I'm content to print it for now. However, it's going on my list of "Got a job" buys. You are exceptionally blessed with talent. Proud of you.

P.S. What's the name of it?

DeeDee said...
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