Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The next moment can wait

For the briefest of moments I forget that my life is more than basking in the sunny atmosphere of bright smiles, warm embraces and loving kisses from friends and the locals here in Salvador. The morning walks with buddies, the afternoon passage on the beach and evening dinners in outdoor restaurants are among the swirl of activity that eclipses concerns of cold days back home. As I pretend that my life is in the here and now, I still veer toward the things that must be in place upon my return. The thoughts of supplies and syllabi, students and models, colleagues and confidants, stir in my mind, as breezes flow over my sun baked body. My languid stroll along the promenade, at times, is undercut by the internal scheduling of trains, planes and buses in my head.

This consciousness is hard to maintain in a land where things operate in a fluid motion, attendant to what happens next rather than what is prescribed. This moment is what matters, is a concept I willfully use in my daily life, but for it to truly work it has to be unconscious. Here in Salvador the people seem to know that there is no rush to get to the next moment when the present one is before you. The chance encounter that could lead to a long talk, walk or lunch is a common happenstance. Having a relationship with someone or something, like the sun, surf and sand, is enough to fill one's day. My goal is to carry this way of being into the colder climes of the northeast, and not be rushed by chill or prescription, because the next moment can wait.

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog. I will admit, however, this one made me a little jealous
(smile) but so nice to know someone gets to enjoy "tropical things" at this time
of year. All best for the new year and hope to see you soon in it.
Ramona Candy

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,
The new web site is great. Maybe I can be in Salvador with you all next year this time--I owe Carson a visit!
Enjoy and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

My man--you sure do have a charmed life and as usual write a great blog.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing Glenn... I remember being at this very spot drinking an ice tea !! my visa expires soon so I MUST get back there with you guys...

Anonymous said...

Shut NYC out baby...cuz it'll be your ( our) reality very very soon enough!lol

Anonymous said...

The site looks beautiful! And thank you for a memorable moment just past.



Anonymous said...

Dear Glen:

Thanks for reminder about how nice it can be to live in a moment as often need to remind myself to do. I hope you and joe are having a wonderful time in the sun. I love that photo of the three women it would make a very nice painting (wink). What excursions have you guys ventured to on this trip? I would like to come and visit you for a weekend very soon so please let me know when you will be back and we can plan

Best wished and love
Ray Mobley

Anonymous said...

What a view!
Hope you're enjoying yourself!