Sunday, August 30, 2015

Time is your perception

Time waits for no one and no marches on whether we are aware of it or not...but does it move at the same speed for everyone and everything? For each of us time moves at different rates depending on our perception of it. For instance, a watched pot never boils, as the saying goes, but that same pot will burn the moment you take your mind off of it. Time is a construct that we measure in a systematic way that seems to mark its passing in a regular and consistent increments, but that construct bends one way or the other based on our perception of it. Watching a clock has a different impact from watching the sun cross the sky...each recording time in disparate ways.

That awareness is key to how we enjoy the lives of those around us and whether we devote time to them so they are truly long term relationships. Many people that we have known for the same amount of time have different impacts on us based on how much actual time we spend with them. Not to say you have to devote actual face time, but certainly conscious time thinking of them and yes communicating with them. Oftentimes we think we have the "luxury" of waiting until a more opportune time, only to realize either the depth of our friendship has thinned or disappeared altogether. Time will not wait until it is opportune for you and neither will your friends.

Social media has increased our connection to a multitude of friends but it hasn't increased the depth of those friendships. The assent of "Liking"friends posts is not the same as speaking on the phone or better yet having lunch with someone you care about. The pursuit of brevity in our communications is literally a shortsighted concept that seemingly deflect friendship rather than attach them to us in a meaningful way. The back and forth banter of a telephone call is a missing commodity today that we can remedy with a simple call.

We are now spending conscious time with our pet cat Kyle, who for almost a dozen years has been a constant source of pleasure to us but now is at an end of life stage in our relationship. Now we spend every waking moment in his presence, absorbing and sharing our love, capturing every inkling of his beautiful spirit before time slips away, as we perceive it, too quickly.

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