Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Day of the Opening

Imagine trying to stay calm when so many people are finally about to see the work you have been developing for almost a year. Though many would say they thought I was a calm person, they really don't feel the quakes that rattle my body at times like this. However, I am unusually calm this year because I have come to terms with the fact that things will be what they will be. The people who show up are the ones who were meant to be there. Their energy is special to me at this moment in time and to the world I inhabit and they will be the lights of this evening. Many people will be entirely new to me, yet, it is my friends and supporters that makes life as an artist worth living.
Many friends have made the trek to the Vineyard just in time to be at the opening. Hopefully, we will get photos of them and they will allow me to post those shots tomorrow.

Martha's Vineyard is known for it's exquisite vistas of the seas, however, I have not seen a vista quite like the one we had last night at the home where Orin Kramer and his wife Hillary Ballon were staying. The sweeping vista from a cliff overlooking the Vineyard Sound was breathtaking even for Vineyard standards. The guests included many political affiliates of the Democratic party, in town for the Barack Obama fundraiser, this evening, to be given at the equally impressive home of Connie and Preston Williams in the same area. I am happy to say they are collectors of my work, starting with a painting of their pond I did several years ago.

The watercolor painting above is of the front porch of the amazing author, Jill Nelson's, home in Ocean Park, situated right at the town beach overlooking the water.It is entitled "Tranquility House".

3 comments: said...

Dear Glenn:

Sweetheart, just a few lines to let you know I will be thinking of you tonight and sending positive energy to the Vineyard to support you for what I know will be a FABULOUS evening. As you very well say, the ones who show up, are the ones meant to be there, especially in this exciting moment in your life. Please send my regards to Mr. Joe, who I am sure will be very proud to stand next to you tonight.



Jill said...

Have a wonderful opening. I'll be there in the spirit of that lovely painting of our porch. I know the evening will be a smash. Enjoy!

Sandra said...

We are so sorry we missed the opening:(. We arrived at the Vineyard a day late (early evening Sunday), due to circumstances beyond our control. However, we were there with you and Joe on the night of the opening in heart and spirit. We are so happy to hear the night was a success, and you were surrounded by people who love you, and respect your gift from above. We will be in touch with you all on Tuesday.


Sandie & Bobby