Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer Recedes

Even in the morning and evening breezes one can begin to feel the cool charge of fall on it's way. The late starting summer will have a shortened season with falls timely arrival.
The week has been filled with many fun gatherings, with visiting friends and wonderful dinners at friends' homes. From the international feast created by Lorraine Wyche and her daughter Shahara, followed by the Italian fare at Valerie Preston and her divine mom, Jackie Orridge, to the annual Illumination Night Bash at Wesley and Judy Mayo Jr's home in the campgrounds. Yesterday morning began with a breath-taking view of the Vineyard Harbor for breakfast at Amy Goldson's home, an early collector of my work. Last night we were at the home of Zita and her husband Michael Brown, to enjoy a delicious multi course feast that she had prepared herself. With Bob Hayden also in attendance, the conversation became quite lively about all manner of things. That set us off for the finale of the evening, a dance-a thon at Lola's, where the "funky" music rocked the house all evening.

After playing some bid-whist on the beach this afternoon we will attend the annual Martini Party given at Blaine and Virlynn's house, just before the fireworks display at Ocean Park. Afterwards, I will be at the Cousen Rose Gallery for the last evening of my solo showing to meet and greet last minute visitors. The inspiration that came from so many visitors responses to my work has encouraged me to complete another work while here on the island, that will also be included in the showing at the gallery. Also, the new prints that people ordered and many liked will also be available. Hopefully, we will see some of you there.

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Anonymous said...

Breathtaking. I love the colors. It makes you want to be the guy in the painting -- outside in the quiet and surrounded by beauty. Recently after walking my dog, I actually relaxed on my back in the grass and simply watched the clouds go by. I hadn't felt that relaxed in a while.

Nature gives you the ultimate high. And a really good painting can take you quite near there when you can't make it out to the real thing.