Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break

Two of the sweetest words ever conjugated together in a phrase. To just say them fills me with exhilaration and a lightness of being that lifts my spirit. For those of us who have waded through the dark harsh winter - laden with the responsibility of reshaping student's talents and skills - this momentary "break" provides the sustenance of rest before a last stretch. Like the long distance runner that stops for a breath or drink of water, before continuing to the finish line, so too, do we inhale time to ourselves and imbibe peace of mind before that final sprint to summer.

For those of you who are instructors, at any level, you know this yearned for passage coincides with the recognition of whether your hard fought efforts have had the results you've worked for. Those dreaded mid-terms allows you to know whether anything that you said or did was actually being taken in and used by your students. I was pleased to find that many of my "diamonds in the rough" had found a way to show their many facets, especially since there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the expression of joy on their faces, as they recognize talents they had only hoped for.

The "break" will find many of my students from Parsons and Marist College, either running off to far flung vacation spots, where they will explore the pleasures of basking in the sun, speeding down slopes, or simply sleeping undisturbed in the well fed homes of their families.

I will use the "break" to continue the assault on a barrage of work - including paintings for my art show at Cousen Rose Gallery, on Aug 8th, preparing the course outline for the inauguration of private lessons at my studio this summer, developing more imagery for the fashion work my agent has in mind for me and preparation of the gardens that are springing up as I write this.

"Spring", the other component to this wonderful phrase, has crept ever so slowly into our mindsets. Our winter frocks have found their way back into the closets, as our transitional garb greets the blush of life filling tree limbs and blossoming scents one can only associate with nature stirring from a long slumber. The first daffodils have started to peak out their heads, while the crocuses, in full display, trumpet the new season. And, as we take on the feelings of the new growth in our hearts, which mirrors growth in our society, after a long "winter of discontent," we must seize it now, with both hands, for as we know, seasons come and go.


micki said...

beautiful as always .. although i am
surrounded by more concrete than nature, i am also rejoicing at the sight of the little buds on the trees
and the increased chirping of a menagerie of birds. much love to you, my brother.xom

tunstullstudio said...


I truly enjoy receiving your Tunstull Dashing. Your words are as beautiful as your brush strokes. As Joe would say, 'you're too many things'! I miss you and we must arrange to connect - perhaps here in beautiful Guanajuato?

Things are going great and I simply love Guanajuato. My house should be completed around August. I'm immersed in the details and it keeps me busy. My architect is an angel and I like him a lot. The days are sunny and warm because spring is the hottest time of year for us. It rains the most during the summer, making it a bit cooler.

Anonymous said...

I agree those are the sweetest words to my ears. My time will be spent in
Florida, 12 whole days. I'm counting down the days, and smiling, then I
can count down the end of the semester. peace out m

Anonymous said...

Two words I love as well. The painting of the man in the pool is wonderful. Glad to hear you'll be giving private lessons. Any coin is a good coin!

I get the feeling that you are really enjoying your blog. And by the way, you are a great writer. Did you know you had that talent before blogging.


tunstullstudio said...

"Glenn, I love your blog and your paintings!"