Sunday, March 29, 2009

Without a word of warning

The lyrics, as sung by Aretha Franklin, reverberates repeatedly - "Without a word of warning....the blues walked in this morning.....and circled around my lonely room" - in my head, as I deal with the sudden and depressing loss of my hard drive. Yes, my computer crashed and I am in an advanced state of suspended animation. One foot is in the future, where all my plans and goals are being implemented, in my mind, and the other is stuck in the past, hopeful that the files could still be retrieved by computer "techies", to make it all possible. I totter between trying to move forward only to be pulled back whenever a file or software cannot be found and used. Even now, I am using the "old slow laptop" that prompted the purchase of the now defunct eggshell of a computer, in order to continue a life, preserved through these tech enablers.

Like all cautionary tales, the admonishments to backup ones files fit along side those to maintain one's health, buy auto insurance, take your vitamins and save for a rainy day. While I have towed the line assiduously on most of those things, I have been less than consistent with backing up files to an external drive. The halfway effort of saving everything into their proper folders serve no purpose when the file, folders and software no longer exist. Without a word of warning....they were all gone. Now hope lingers, like a flickering flame, that the recovery of the lost hard drive is still possible. If you too have been less than conscientious, then go to your window and say " I'm as mad as hell and I'm going to backup my files, to an external drive, right now"!

Tempering my stunned state of mind is the inclusion of my work in an exciting exhibition on legendary fashion illustration, opening April 3rd, entitled The Line of Fashion, at the Society of Illustrators on East 63rd Street. Many of these elegant works of art set the standard for fashion and beauty throughout the 20th century, and will be recognizable by many of you. With a portion of the proceeds going to GMHC, the exhibition will continue until May 2.


Anonymous said...

Feel for you and the hard drive.
Definitely am coming to the show!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your car troubles! Sorry about your computer troubles! please reinsert the 'e' in locales.... Christa

Anonymous said...

im SOOOOOOOOO sorry to hear that your drive crashed. this is no fun.

ive had this happen twice in the 20 years that ive owned computers. the first time i got a virus on my PC (around 2004) and it wiped out the directory. i was able to recover almost all of the data, but it set me back $1200. the second time, my drive physically failed on my mac. i had been burned so badly from the 1st time that i kept multiple back ups across computers and DVDs. there was nothing to retrieve on that drive (which btw was still under warranty from apple and was replaced free of charge), but i had backed up the day before the crash, so i literally had everything. im usually not so lucky, in general.

drives will always fail. it's just a matter of time. the good thing is that macs dont get viruses, only PCs. so at least i dont have that exposure. i back up religiously...especially right before i travel if im taking my laptop.

i use a maxtor 300GB external HD.

my fingers are crossed for you.


Anonymous said...


Have no fear Tunstull is still dashing.

You will get it together and then it will be done.



alston green said...

Glenn, it's such a pleasure to see you continue to grow ! I was most inspired after the wonderful reunion at the Society of Illustrators. I am in the infancy stages of starting my own design consultancy business. Art and design is my passion too so I have to follow it .I'm back at SAV this fall with a Greeting Card Design class I'm very excited about it. Will keep you posted. all my love t oyou and Joe .