Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finally serenity

It seems as soon as something ends, something begins. There is the sensation of a transition from one thing to another, but in reality the next thing has already begun. All the subsequent steps of an action are in motion from the very first step along a road. As I complete the paintings for the showing of my new works, beginning on August 8th, at Cousen Rose Gallery, the last brushstrokes precipitates the framing and promotions and everything else to follow. It only appears to be a linear achievement when in reality the consciousness surrounding the choices have been all made in tandem long before. Whether one is aware of it, at the time, or not, doesn't prevent the inevitable unfolding of those steps.

There have been some works that materialized with seeming effortlessness in a very short amount of time, whereby others have required continuous redirection with many changes along the way. One's dreams are murky at best and do not come together with advance clarity of vision, without an inherent struggle to achieve them. The payoff is in the struggle because it provides the challenge and reward of living. Everything that comes out of that is "gravy", as they say. The recent painting shown here entitled, "Serenity", captures for me the peace of just being.....

Many things have transpired since my last writing here, some happy and some sad and all motivational. The recent transition of Michael Jackson have brought him back to life to each of us in a more personal way and has allowed us to reflect on the stage of his life we loved the most. All of our lives have various stages which we will be remembered for and each of them holding an appeal for different people. At best you can make them all memorable for yourself, too.


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