Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sharing success

He has started his very first job since graduating from college and a smile radiates deeply from my core. Someone is interested in producing her film script and the step in my walk is much lighter. She is healing from her accident and I sleep through the night more completely. He's received great responses from his new clients and a sense of peace and security flows over me.

Whether you've had love ones buy a new home, salvage a relationship, finish school, rebound from illness, scale to career heights or turned out a great party, you have shared in their success. There have been times when success meant for me what I was able to put onto my resume of experience and achievements. The places I've worked and the things I did, where I've sold my work and those who bought it. But when looked at in such a limited way, one misses the success of holding a hand, forming a dream, building a foundation and being a penny investor in the lives that surround you. Every time they realize their dream, you are a winner. Your spiritual resume flourishes with deeds that only show up in your soul.

As I celebrate my birthday today (July 29), I am filled with all the wonderful achievements of those of you who allowed me to participate in your dreams. Please keep sharing those dreams with me and those you love, because it makes us all a success.


Deb said...

Glenn, what beautiful words; you fill me up! I am so in awe of you as such a whole person, and as genius in your career; I look forward to your next journal entry. Peace and many blessing to you on your special day!!

Love you dearly, and always,

KYM said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GLENN! Look forward to seeing you and Joe on MV. Hopefully we can go kayaking/canoeing again...smile.
Enjoy your birthday,
Kym, Michael, Alexis and Sydney

Ren said...

I love you Glen! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! :-)

Monica said...

Hey Glenn -

Kym says you and Joe are headed to MV later this week. Looking forward to seeing you. Love to get that painting from you of the house. Wasn't quite finished by the time we left last year.

Love the book! Congrats. Hope the President sees your work @ Cousin Roses this summer and buys one for the White House :-)

All the Best!
- Monica

gary said...

Hey Glen,

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time celebrating. It's funny but I'm about to go next door to help my neighbor celebrate her birthday just as I read your blog.
Enjoy my friend.

Charlie said...

Glenn - You're writing is always an inspiration. But that is no surprise, you have always been an inspiration and a beacon of light for me. Happy Bithday to you! with love, Charlie.

Jelani said...

Glenn, the work I do keeping others encouraged and excited about their plans feels exactly as you describe. Thank you for reminding me in such a beautiful way. Like Deb, I can't wait for the next posting.