Monday, January 25, 2010

African Modern Art Show

A cacophony of wind and rain beats against my windows and walls, sometimes making me think a guest other than the elements have arrived. Twice, in anticipation of an unexpected visitor's arrival, I've gone to the door to see nothing but gloom pouring over the grounds. Gone are the frequent guests in sunny dispositions and the even sunnier weather from just the week before in Salvador. But being back home has brought me the only real connection to my source of existence that radiates throughout me even in the bleakest of climates. I am once again painting and writing and enjoying Joe's inimitable chortles that warm my heart like logs to a fire. I am working on the complicated color story of a pleasant sunrise scene of boats, still at rest, on a Vineyard morning. And the recall of my life as I plod through the retelling of it in my book makes me realize that none of it has been in vain.

In the midst of this bonhomie, I am preparing for my participation in The African Modern Art Show and fundraiser to be held February 11th, in Harlem at the Casa Frela Art Gallery, 47 West 119th Street. This fundraiser will benefit Project Enterprise whose mission is to develop under-resourced businesses and entrepreneurs in New York City. This exhibit is the brainchild of the talented Genita Ingram, who also curates the show and Lawrence Rodriguez, the director, who has designated a portion of all proceeds to benefit the survivors in Haiti. For a small contribution of $35 you can contribute a bit more to causes I'm sure you already support.

For some of you who have not had a chance to see my work in person, this will be a great opportunity for you, right here in Manhattan. Hopefully you will want to take something home with you. You will also get to see the silk artistry of PJ Cobbs and the abstract art of Mago. For those of you interested in tribal art you will find the collection of Bangally African Expo of New York. Please join us for this evening of art and culture and let your friends know by forwarding the info to them too.


Val said...

I am so loving your Blog Glenn ! Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Anthony and I will be there, Glenn. We look forward to supporting small businesses, being inspired by art, and seeing you!


flow9 said...

Glenn thanks for sharing both of these wonderful events I marveled at the high-level of conceptual fashions always produced by the students from Parson's who continue to strut their stylish wears on the Fashion runways. I can just envision your face beaming with joy as each of your students sashayed along.
I loved the photograph of Alva and Pat, they look simply stunning. I worked with some of these models during my design days at Essence. Michele