Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beautified by the Sun

As I lay upon my undulating blue green mattress of warm salty water in Baia Tudos Os Santos, peering up at a cloudless blue sky, I am roused from my revelry as a beautiful swimmer almost collides with me, as he makes his way across the bay using a freestyle stroke. No sooner does he past than another beauty swims by in the opposite direction wearing white trunks with "bronzado" skin and hair slicked back by the water. And so it goes here in the land of infinite beauty. No sooner have your eyes adjusted to the unimaginable than something arrives in its wake more stunning than before. As I walk onto the shore a beautiful young girl is trying on sunglasses that the vendor displays before her on a large canvased board covered in sunglasses, that he carries from person to person on the beach. Though she tries on the glasses to protect some of the most beautiful eyes you'd ever want to see, it seems a shame to cover them even for an instant.

On a quiet weekday the beach is still filled with all manner of people who are splayed out on the ground in the tiniest of swimsuits or languidly perusing the landscape of beauties from beneath supplied umbrellas. The buffet of choices continues with a parade of people fully prepared to sell you anything you may desire on or off the beach. There are many who have only personality to sell which is a charming commodity here that has many takers. Oh, another beauty passes by and is exhaled from your view, and then, just as easily, you inhale the appearance of another. Wherever you go here every person seems to carry their time spent on the beach on their faces. I would think it very hard to find anyone here but the severely infirmed that doesn't make their way to this grand amusement park by the sea each week.

I know for the past two weeks my days have included some promenade to these shores where the waters marinates you and the sun beautifies you. Three young girls in string bikinis walk past a young man on his cell, all making plans to show off their splendor after the sun sets. A charming tradition of applauding the sunset occurs on days like this when the sky is so clear that the sun remains in view until its disappearance. Like the ever returning sun, I plan to come back as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Glenn this is beautiful writing...it's like a Brasilian song. I'm thinking Djavan or Gilbert Gil. Thanks for brightening my day. -- Michael

Bill said...


Beautiful, and just rub it in!


Patti said...

hey there Glenn and Happy Wednesday!
i have been to Bahia and i stayed in the hotel that is shown in your first photo. what a special, magical, spiritual place so full of beauty and spirit and energy on so many levels! thank you for this as i needed a bit of something to take me away from the madness here as i prepare for the NY International Gift Fair. for a brief moment i was back in Bahia and life was sublime!!!
hope all is well with you.
Patti :-)

Carson said...

Bravo Glenn,Bravo.

Micki said...

i can see you've been well kissed by the sun!!!
omg.....i need some beach time...............
xox m

John said...


Beautiful. It reminds me of how I should be spending my time. I love the notion of people showing time spent on the beach on their faces.

I know that your time here is short, but if you should be free to get together, please let me know.

L & D said...

You really know how to hurt a person. It's cloudy and 44 degrees here and figures hidden behind puffy wraps, huddled over against the wind, with pained expressions, hurry by.
We sure hope you're having a wonderful time. We're not jealous....really. Honest.

Jelanie said...

"Beautiful blog post from Brazil. Felt like I was there."

Anonymous said...

Sexy Glenn_
Why are you doing this to us. Have a safe trip home and contact me at your earliest Sexy.