Saturday, July 24, 2010

In the Midst of Summer...

Surprisingly comfortable mornings become muggy afternoons and the once crisp shirt I started the day with is sticking to my back by the time I return home. Born during the height of summer (July 29th) in the city, I have always loved the heat that rises from the pavement, warming my ankles and throttling my slowing my steps as I breathe deeply climbing each inclining block...until I reach an air cooled destination. The initial sensation of falling into a cool pool of water subsides temporarily as my body's attracted heat searches for equilibrium. Moments later I am either still breathing deeply with clammy neck and brow or chilled to a point of discomfort, where only a sweater contest the chilly air.

With the completion of my Parsons summer school session yesterday, I have returned to the Hudson Valley, in hopes of a cooling breeze off the hillsides nearby. So far, the pastoral setting offers calming vistas but not wafts of cool air, and I am lodged inside under the controlled environment of air conditioning. In this setting I am putting the finishing touches on several paintings for the August 21st to August 27th show at Cousen Rose Gallery on the Vineyard. I hope to see many of you there next month. Maybe some of you are lucky enough to get to the beach today, as in the painting above entitled, Beach Frolic.

In advance of that you can see a catalog of my work in my new book, Glenn Tunstull, A Personal View of Light and Color.

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