Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sparkling possibilities

As the crescendo of sparkling lights exploded and lit the black sky, in the warm crest of the night in Salvador, Bahia...and then dissolved into the breaking waves below...the struggles of 2010 melted away in the euphoria of marking the end of one period of time and the beginning of a new one. The sudden bursts of lights and its climax caused me to reflect on the challenges that reared up suddenly and consumed so many in the previous year. It seemed as soon as one fire was extinguished another flared up. In our day-to-day lives we carry on from one project to the next, filling time, space and emotions with efforts that carry us on in an unending stream of solutions, implementations and results. Yet, just as one ends another begins and the sense of finality eludes us in these ever evolving pursuits.

However, the New Year's Eve celebration allows for the one moment in time, each year, where even previously started works take on an new air of opportunity. A freshness of purpose and perspective fills even these lingering projects with a burgeoning sense of new possibilities. The diet and exercise plan that had fallen on less-disciplined times is taken up with a new commitment, the career that seemed to sputter is re-engaged, romances that may have slipped into resignation can be ignited and our systems and processes can take on new reforms. Man, woman, businesses and governments alike, mark the change in time in a way that daily leaves of times are not afforded. The accepted end of one phase for the potential of a next phase fills us at this time of year, providing hope that may have gotten lost along the way.

The New Year's celebration is less about fulfilling the dreams of others, as the preceding Christmas holiday seems to be and more about the fulfillment of one's own dreams. We are reawakened around what can BE for us...with each jolt of cascading light that fill our consciousness, we are reminded to reach for the spiraling and lofty ambitions dreams are made of.

Taking on this moment, I look forward to the fulfillment of the person I was sent to this earth to be...a completely gratified, satisfied and grateful spirit.


Jelani said...

Beautiful closing statement.

Micki said...

i really love this ..and i am inspired by it as well. thanks as always for sharing ..happy new year! xom

Etsuko said...

Very touching Glenn!! This picture was beautiful! Glad to see you and Joe made it out of NewYork post-blizzard conditions. I pray that 2011 brings me to a better place - let's see what happens once again. Happy New Year to you guys! Love Ya!

Etsuko ~

Lisa said...

Hey Glenn,

Happy New Year to you and Joe! Sounds like you're having a great time.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom in this blog posts. It is very similar to a musing I was doing last week...a different kind of "letting go" via "going with the flow." Amazingly, but not surprisingly, a lesson I have to continue to learn!

Blessings for a grace-full and prosperous (in all definitions of the word) New Year!!


Amy said...

Hello Glenn-and Joe too, I love your words---"gratified and satisfied"-- and I will focus on that in 2011 whenever I let the little things bug me. We have much to embrace and be thankful for in this year and decade. Glad ---and grateful-- that my life is enriched with your friendship.Happy New Year!!

Chuku said...

I missed your 20th Anniversary!! Happy Happy looks like you ain't

missing No strokes tho…keep smiling…

Hugs and kisses…

Bobbi Humphrey said...

Really enjoyed reading your thoughts; very expressive and authenic! Also, went on your website; your Art speaks to me with "light and colors". All the best to you, and so glad our friend Bill is still bringing people together!