Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Magic box

The day unfolded like a circus act, with friends arriving early in the day and continuing throughout until it was time to make our way to the gallery. “It’s your day” was the tag line so many uttered when offering me encouragement for a good day and great show. Like from a magic box that holds unseen wonders, beach chairs, umbrellas, music, food and drinks appeared in amounts unimagined moments before. A constant influx of friends arriving on island for the show descended on the house turning it into a full-fledged beach party. The wonder of it all was that it was completely unplanned. Because many artists suffer from anxiety on opening nights, my friends sought to make sure that it was minimized for me by celebrating our lives together all day.

As a result, when I walked in and saw the colorful paintings arrayed about the gallery it was a continuation of the fun, light and color that had been my life for the last year. The festive colorations worn by so many of the guests, suggested by the shows title, Vineyard Colors, filled the rooms and overflowed onto the outside garden and street. Color radiated from friends like Connie and Preston Williams and later the McLaurin family that had just returned from meeting with President Obama, wearing that inevitable glow that comes from proximity to the pinnacles of power and celebrity. Zita Cousen wore the same luminosity for the same reason, as she graciously greeted me at the front door.

The many faces of friends warmed me as they shared abbreviated conversations, well wishes and admiration for the new work. Stories of how, where and when they became collectors allowed me to see more clearly how welcomed the work has been over the years. These created children of my mind and spirit had found homes that they were loved in and somehow, for some, begged for new siblings to share wall space with. It is hard to let go of your children but one must, for by giving them the gift of life you give them the power to enhance other lives and spread your influence further than if you did it alone. To touch a life with love, is all we need aspire to, for a happy life.

At the end of the night as the last person walked out the gallery, and we said good night to Zita and her wonderful husband Michael Brown, the circus of light, fun and love, magically went back into the box, but the memories remain.


Anonymous said...

Hello Glen,

Wow!!! What a turnout, which is a true testament to the love that people have for you and your positive vibes. I wish I could have been there.

Hoping to get to get together with you soon..



Anonymous said...

Thanks for forwarding, so glad you had a good showing with great
Again, sorry we couldn't make it.

carson phillips said...

Well,it was certainly the cat's meow,congratulations Mr. Tunstull on your art of living life joyfully.


Anonymous said...

Had you on my mind. So glad all went incredibly well.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Enjoy!

Mitch Davie

Deborah Walker said...

I am/was there in spirit. What wonderful pictures. Thanks so very much for bringing those of us who couldn't be there into this exciting gathering of family and friends. You are an amazing artist, absolutely amazing and I am glad I in your circle of friends. Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on an amazing day and celebration of your work. Joe and I were definitely there in spirit, cheering you on from afar! Love, love and love!

Anonymous said...

So many smiling faces...look at what you inspire. It looks fabulous! Congrats...

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see where life has taken you. Bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Glen,

It's all to obvious that you are a talented artist, but you are also a gifted writer! have so much more to offer!
Congrats on the fine evening you shared with friends and visitors on Saturday evening.
Thanks for thinking of us.

Thanks also for a fun afternoon of Bid last week! It was definitely an opportunity to get ready for Thursday.

Take care and regards to Joe.


Anonymous said...

"Congrats Glenn. Well deserved. Wish I could be there to see you the spotlight."

Anonymous said...

Congrats Glenn ! So awesome to have followed your career over the years and watch you literally ... TAKE OFF !!!

Anonymous said...

Congrads. You are an amazing artist.

Anonymous said...

Excellent excelllent. Didnt make it up this year.........promise to be there for you next year! Keep up the good work Glenn.
Deborah S

Anonymous said...

Wow - loved the photos - it was obviously a fabulous and successful show! So happy for you Glenn. All good wishes for continued success in all your endeavors Glenn.


LIQUEstudio said...

Congratulations, Glenn! It was inspiring to observe this show unfold. I know great things are in store. Just wish I had been there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Glenn,
I especially like the positive energy comment. The write-up and great photos demonstrate the accuracy of the observation. It was clearly a great day.

Anonymous said...

The great time I had on MV in no small part can be attributed to you and Joe's warmth and generosity. I met some wonderful people at your home and had a great time at your opening. Congratulations! Hope to see you soon. Wonderful shots by the way.