Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dancing in the Dark

As I escaped along the FDR Drive, through the crush of New York's noisy and congested traffic, the highway eventually gave way to the open country roads, with the first drifts of falling leaves, floating about like the soft shimmer of a dancer's gown on a breezy afternoon. Playing repeatedly on the stereo was the wafting rhythms of string and woodwind instruments and the lilting voice of Diana Krall in her version of "Dancing in the Dark".

The sounds had placed me in a peaceful mood, as I relaxed into the two hour drive that seemed to be condensed in time through the musical wave I found myself on. The sultry lyrics spoke of seduction and survival, the inescapable twins of existence, that fortified my spirit as I edged closer to home and Joe, who awaited me there.

As I left the pressure of the city for the fresh air and open spaces of nature, I still carried the responsibilities of the week. At times the only way to confront the challenges we face is to dance into the rhythm that suits us best. As Diana sings in the song, "We can face the music...twooo...getherrrrr."

Dancing in the dark, of unknown futures, we move forward...on the breeze of steps we have taken, with hopes and wishes wrapped in the music of our lives...facing movements and moments that explain "why we're here." The time melted away on my drive home, just as easily as the years have grown, and in that moment, floating softly on the warm emotions of the notes in the song, I knew I could go on dancing in the dark...


Anonymous said...

Your art present the warmest colors which keep us warm in the Fall, I love you Glenn.

Thanks Glenn,

Anonymous said...


Damn, you write well. I enjoy your writing very much.

Tell me about the park scene in the blog. Is is a painting?

Anonymous said...

If I had the poetic gift of writing that you have, I'd be writing romance novels and doing weekly book signings, all over the world with your beautiful artwork complimenting my every word! If you haven't done so already, you should not waste any more time and put pen to paper so next summer the release of your new novel can accompany your 2012 art exhibition and reception at the Cousen Rose Gallery in August.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You should make a song out of your first 3 lines and have someone put it to music. It is music actually.

Norma Jean

Anonymous said...

I'm in that warm autumn cocoon with you,swaying to the sounds of the lush life,we are so very blessed.